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Powerful Dental AI

An evidential record keeping & dentist decision validation AI tool. It uses artificial intelligence to detect pathological and non-pathological structures. Deep learning techniques were used to develop artificial neural networks for classification, detection & segmentation.

The software supports the localization and classification of teeth as well as the detection and documentation of pathologies (caries and apical lesions) and non-pathological structures (fillings, crowns, implants, bridges and root canal fillings).
Dental Insurance

12 month of cost-free repair of teeth problems*

Through international collaboration we offer Dentist the ability to offer ‘Dental Insurance’ if they use our AI system for evidential record keeping and dental decision validation. The ‘Dental Insurance’ can change the way patient and dentist secure evidential records.

Contact us and we will connect you to a trusted partner for you or your company to subscribe for Dental Insurance