Our Enabling Partners

We work with Companies to offer some of the most innovative Dental AI capabilities to shift the landscape of affordable Dental care access for people in UAE & beyond.
We collaborate with Dentists, TPAs and innovative solutions offering partners to help expand the accessibility for people.

How does Dentalligence Technology
help your Dental Practice and your Patients?

Using the Dentalligence smart AI platform for evidential record keeping & validation enables Dentists to leverage our AI warranty to issue Dental Guarantee for their patients with confidence.

360° Protection

Complete protection for 12 months for your Patients against naturally occurring dental problems

No Additional Cost

Cost-free repair, restoration, or replacement of any teeth that become structurally unsound, during the guarantee period*

Subscription Options

Options for your Patients for monthly, quarterly, or annual payments for the Dental Guarantee

Dentist Guarantee

The guarantee-issuing dentist will be paid in full for any guarantee-related work done, according to a standard fee schedule*.

Dental like Healthcare

Enable your Patients to be covered for dental treatment for the rainy days, without exceptional costs

International Protection

Your Patients also enjoy international coverage - consult with any certified Dentist in the Dentalligence network at no additional costs*